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A scare…

I was cleaning up my electronic back-log of tiny-to-dos when I noticed a small note on my Oxford college offer which produced a wave of terror and nausea that I am unlikely to feel again unless faced with the tools of my inquisitor.
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Alfred Hutton’s Entirely Frustrating Catalogue

Alfred Hutton (1839-1910), former Captain of the 1st Kings Dragoon Guards, military reformer, antiquarian, and amateur historian of swordsmanship, gathered a significant personal collection of swords, weapons, and books on martial history, swordsmanship and the development of fencing as a sport. Hutton left a substantial part of this collection Victorian and Albert Museum, London, and his books were integrated into the National Art Library.*
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What was this blog about anyway?

When I first decided to start this blog I hoped it would force me to write short, thoughtful, and if I was lucky, entertaining or interesting posts on a regular (if infrequent) schedule. Writing these blog entries was more about the process of planning, drafting, editing, re-drafting, and completing them in a timely fashion. Perfect practice makes perfect and I planned to practice that process as much as I could in an environment that held the lowest of expectations (thus, keeping the pressure off the actual content).

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