About the author…

This blog is the time-wasting, ruthlessly self-conscious, politically and religiously ambiguous blog of an aspiring academic, former Librarian, and constant learner.

I maintain this blog, in part, to re-enforce productive writing habits. I keep the blog open to the public to force that writing into readable forms, knowing that someone, sometime, will actually read my entries.

I make no claims to artistic talents, aspirations, or potential. I only hope to write with clarity, a minimum or grammatical errors, and if I am very fortunate, I may write something entertaining or interesting.

My interests are eclectic but this blog will tend towards the bookish and academic. My profession is in history, picking away at the Late Medieval and Early modern periods, looking for new things to say about martial culture and conceptions of violence. I study the long history of people killing each other and the reasons they give themselves, and others, as justification.

I also collect fountain pens, books, and books about violence, (the sword part, of PBS) both the abstract and the material versions of violence. This is what you are likely to read on this blog. But you are just as likely to read some short note about my struggles with some funding application, some new books I bought (and likely can’t afford) or some other vaguely related topic that appeals to me and survives the hidden editorial steps that all these entries pass through, if they get that far.


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