A short update for posterity. I have failed to get the best possible funding package for Oxford but I have gotten the next best thing. As long as the College is happy with the paperwork and the other sources of funds I am in for 2012 entry.

For those who may, in future, seek similar funding, here are the general stats for my profile. This is of limited value for those in other fields or who may be applying through universities or with different gpa scales, but some information is better than none and that’s just about all there is out there.

Application for SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (for study overseas)
– Direct application (not through university)
– POS in Late Medieval and Early Modern History
– 88% gpa in final year of BA(Hons)
– 87% gpa in MA course work
– 2 peer-review publications (6 lesser pubs. in different fields)
– 4 conference papers (over BA and MA period)
– GTF for MA and two, minor, academic awards at BA and MA level
– At the time of application I had one deferred placement at UCL and was re-applying for spaces offered for 2011 entry at Oxford and Cambridge

Final score for the successful application was 22/30

Any SSHRC applicant who stumbles on this will understand the above and, with any luck, it will give a general impression of what can get funded.


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