what’s next at PBS?

A short update on what I’m working on, other than this blog.

I will try some of my own medicine I have prescribed for the short-essay sufferer. Tuesday I will write a test ‘test’ (perhaps trial test?) based on the All Souls model. I’ll randomly pick one of the topics I previously selected as plausible, sit myself down at the local University Library and give myself 1 hour to produce something coherent. I’ll take it back here, transcribe it (horror!) and dissect it as a learning experience.

This is about the only way I can possibly prepare for that type of test structure.

I’ll also dust off a few other blog ideas and see what could get turned into something readable. I’m also working on a revised time-management strategy this week as I have an uncomfortable amount of work to finish before the end of September and the start of the DPhil — that eventuality has not really sunk in yet, but it will.

The current roster looks like this:

— Major projects: Thesis-into-book (turn 112 page MA thesis into 220 page monograph fit for publication). – Chapter length version of the K-zoo paper I delivered last week for an edited collection (this is very likely ‘a thing’ so I’ll need to start on it sharpish). Also, there are two major conferences next year that I need to submit abstracts for by the end of August, this year.

— Less-than-major projects: A book review (I’m committed on one for sure). – A short article that turns some research from back in 2004-5 into something publishable (I really want to do this one before Oxon. because I’ll probably never have the time to return to it after than point). – I could do a short write-up on a manuscript find that was ancillary to the MA research (that’s 2000 words of easy peer-review credit, so I should do it. But, it’s only 2000 words of peer-review credit that’s not really worth much. There is a dilemma there.)

— Really not at all vital projects: – More book reviews. – This blog.

Oh, and I need to get new glasses, contact lenses, a foreign currency bank account, passport photos, some new clothes, price out a replacement for my venerable net-book (I named him Wiglaf, for obvious reasons), paint parts of the house and figure out how to keep my partner from starving while I’m gone living in an ivory tower for the next three years.*

* The ‘Ivory Tower’ of academic myth is actually the gate-house of All Souls. I won’t actually be in said tower, but my college is fairly close. Figuratively, I’ll live under the shadow of the Ivory Tower.

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