an actual pen this time

The ‘pen’ of Pen,Book,Sword has been largely metaphorical lately. Therefore, here is a short entry on an actual pen I picked up in February this year from Papeterie Rěaumur, Paris.

It’s an Inoxcrom but otherwise, I can’t say what model or make. The company is not in the habit of marking pens with model names, codes, or any other identifiers. Actually, Inoxcrom, based in Barcelona, appears to specialize in promotional items for corporate customers. The occasional pen that passes into private hands, through traditional purchase at a stationer, is a rare occurrence.

cap ID

It’s a perfectly serviceable, solid, and reliable pen. It does suffer a little creep on the nib, and since it uses a clutch fitting for securing the cap, it will get sloppy over time, but it’s metal-on-metal so that will take rather a while.

medium nib

Like just about all modern fountain pens, the nib is stiff steel. The feed is conventional and it takes standard universal cartridges or whatever fill-able alternative you choose. It tends towards the wet, but that seems to depend somewhat on the ink. I started with some Waterman (as seen in the sample photos) but with Pelikan it writes cleaner.

imitating Zodiac

yes, I print like a 5 year old.

This pen has had some heavy use lately. It closely resembles, in balance and performance, my favorite pen which I have moved onto a limited schedule to slow down wear. That pen, the older of the two described here, has that clutch problem and since it’s metal on plastic, it wears faster. That pen is now at least 14 years old and the cap sits a little loose now.

I can’t really call myself a pen collector. I lack both the commitment and deliberate effort of the real collector of fountain pens. Instead I am an affectionate supporter. I also find that these pens, like this blog, focus my attention on the act of writing in ways that are both remedial and rewarding. Like the books I read because they feel good, I sometimes write because the pen is nice to use. If I’m lucky, I end up reading things that are interesting and I write things worth keeping.

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