Wiglaf is dead. Long live Wiglaf.

Wednesday morning I went about my usual routine which of coffee, reading, and acting as a cat settee. The routine concludes with the unceremonious activation of the computer and commencement of the day’s writing and research tasks. That morning, nothing would rouse the tiny computer from its repose. Some time during the night the little SSD in the computer died, as terminal and permanent a death as heart failure or a stroke.

I lost some data, but not much. The bigger loss was time and the unwanted gain of more stress than I’m suited to handle at the moment.

The computer, called Wiglaf in reference to the most loyal of literary retainers, never had much room for storage anyway. I came with only 6GB and there was rarely more than 1GB free once all the operating systems and programs were installed. The Dell mini-9, a type of early generation netbook, was never very popular. I had just backed up my documents earlier in the month and so the loss was minimal but frustrating anyway.

I write this entry on the new computer. It will take some time to get used to the slightly different keyboard layout. It is somewhat larger and faster than the old one, with 350GB of storage and a 10” monitor.

Productivity will take a while to recover as well. Monday was a loss as the cat required some supervision. She’s almost 19 and her health is good but unstable. Any slight change in behavior or the appearance of the most subtle symptoms of discomfort demand attention. She was fine on Tuesday and I got some work done, but Wednesday opened with the hardware failure and was entirely lost on a 5 hour road-trip for Z’s work. Thursday was triage for the computer and some additional feline supervision. Today has sorted the computer but that’s about all. I think this weekend will involve rather more writing than usual.


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