Visas, little books, and some housekeeping

This is mostly a maintenance entry. I have cleaned up a few earlier entries with minor errors. Don’t feel compelled to go looking, they don’t change any content. I did add a little to the About the author page, and cleaned up a few errors.

At the moment I am trying to claw back those days I missed due to technical difficulties. I am also struggling with the UK visa application. I also submitted an application to sit -that test- but I suspect they won’t tell me if I can sit the test until the week starting Sept 24. The test starts Sept 27. Did I mention how much I hate uncertainty?

Instead, I will mention one minor bibliographic mystery that has been solved. I am one of the few owners of Trinity Hall 1350-1950: A Pictorial Survey, edited by D. C. Andereson and G. Dingle, and printed by Heffers, Cambridge, for the College in that anniversary year.1 My copy, obtained from Peter Rhodes Books in Southampton, has a small ownership stamp for J. R. Rydzewski, on the title page. I have learned that Rydzewski matriculated at Trinity Hall in 1954, got a Phd in hydrology engineering, and taught at various universities, eventually becoming a Professor at Southampton. He was working there when he died in 2007. So it looks like this little book lucked out and passed from one Trinity Hall alumnus to a Trinity Hall alumnus, once removed.


1 The book is almost a pamphlet, being a single gathering in 27 pages, stapled to a printed-card cover. I think I found the book during a tedious bibliographic search and then failed to find a collection that actually had it. Ordering the thing from a dealer was the only way I could read it. My copy was bought in June of 2008, through the offices of ABEBooks, for the princely sum of $22.93 USD, with shipping.

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