zzzzzzfng.. nnzzzzzzz…

From the 22nd to the  24th of July I traced a 1900 kilometre parallelogram across Western Canada in my car. This was an unavoidable stage of my T4 student visa application.

I considered writing further on the irritations of this entire process, the counter-intuitive nature of UK bureaucracy, the policies that are designed on the principle that they must  reduce work and costs for the agency, in the certain knowledge that it will seriously  inconvenience the public. But where is the good in that? You don’t care, and neither should I. The thing is done, I am home, there are books to read and Latin to learn, and articles to write.

There are also blog entries to post but beyond this short update, they will wait. I have several entries steeping, marinating, incubating, gestating even—some have the feel of malignancy—and they will appear in due course. For now, I could really use some sleep.

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