The power of fonts compels you!

It pleases me to know that my dislike of certain typefaces has support from social sciences.

I will let this linked blog entry make the argument for me because it’s far better researched than I can manage with my current schedule. I will say that my most loathed font is Courier, which takes the charm of an Underwood typewriter and turns it into ocular  torture. Scarecrow Press, who until recently published almost exclusively for Library Science, has finally abandoned Courier as their preferred typeface. I have a photocopy of one Middle-English version of Vegetius that is also set in Courier and it is painful to read.

Personally, my heart is given to Horley Old Style, a font that rarely gets used and the only example I have seen in print is the 1992 re-issue by The Modern Library of R. P. McKeon’s 1947 Introduction to Aristotle.

The Typography of Authority — Do Fonts

Affect How People Accept Information?

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