August Review

Things are beginning to deteriorate here at PBS as the Oxford trip approaches. I’m getting sick of answering the question ‘are you excited?’ with politeness. No, I can’t say I’m excited. Teens with few responsibilities and overly optimistic imaginations have the luxury of excitement. I have something that lacks a proper name but has a vague similarity to anxiety and nausea but with a slightly less negative tone. Oh, and I feel really poor right now.

With that, here is the August review.

Writing: I finished, behind schedule, a short paper for submission (3900 words) and sent it out to the editor on the 31st. That’s good but it took longer than planned and there are still two other papers (approx. 5000 words each) still to go before the move.

Actually I got two papers out to editors this month but one of them was just a refit of a previous submission withdrawn in July because of the unacceptable delay caused by staff changes at the first journal. I’m glad the paper is back out but I have no news from the new journal, not even a ‘yes, we have it’ courtesy reply.

I get only radio silence from the editor at another journal who has been sitting on a submission from March and that’s getting old. I may need to give up on them for now because I’m running out of time to do anything other than essentials.

Other: Some recent progress with mnemonic techniques has renewed my confidence in the Latin, but again, time is running out. I will be taking a Latin for researchers course at Oxford and that’s nice, but I would feel better if I had more pre-class practice.

Oh, and my college has won my enduring affection for responding to a very premature question about computer network registration with a reply that began; ‘I’m impressed you are on this so early.’ My adaptive pre-planning OCD is commonly met with irritation, silence, or reluctant assistance. This is a very good sign for the college (and me).

August also brought a crash course in arguing on the internet. I take comfort in knowing that the (now heavily edited) exchange stands as a reminder that 1- some people can be deeply offended by casual book reviews and 2- the peer review process, in comparison, is at once more harsh and more civil, probably because it’s rarely that personal.

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