January Review

Results from January are something of a mixed bag, but there is progress, measurable progress. February will look better because a bunch of things must be done that month. For now, this looks less impressive than it actually is.

I was in comfy home territory until the 11th when I got back to Oxon but I won’t try and identify what got done where, since that’s largely irrelevant.

Now, I feel like I did more than this, but only a few things made there way to completion or at least out of my hands.
– Wrote and submitted 2 abstracts for conferences (one grad conference here in April, and one ‘grown-up’ conference in June).
– Cleaned up and submitted a publishable version of a conference paper given in November that will be published as a sort of ‘proceedings’ collection sometime this year. This does not count as peer-review but the publication is the internal publication of a scholarly society so it counts for something.

And… that’s about it. I’m working on 3 proposals for various funds and scholarships, another conference abstract, that book chapter I’m on the hook for in May, and the ominously named, but actually manageable ‘transfer project’ as part of my DPhil course-work. All of those are in-progress so they don’t count in these reviews.

Oh, and just for fun, here is another photo of snowy Oxford (now, long since melted).
View from the room
Well, back to work.




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