I am the ghost of exams future!

“Rather than carve irreverent caricatures of Oxford dons, the ancient masons of St Albans chose instead to faithfully depict the typical expressions of their students, post tutorial.”

(An excerpt from the lost, and unlamented Oxford Noir, which was doomed from the start as a pale imitator of Cambridge Noir.)

In the parochial language of Oxon, today (Friday of 8th week, Hilary term) indicates that I am 2/9ths of the way through my DPhil. This is a misleading measure because each 8 week term in the academic year is separated by a 6 week ‘vacation’. This throws off the feeling of accomplishment.

Nevertheless, a minor milestone has been passed and while the manicule on said milestone does not point towards home, it seem to be pointing in the same direction it was when last I saw one in early December. I am, however, largely on my own for the next six weeks and, thanks to my deliberate cultivation of academic workaholism, I have plenty of things to keep me busy. Writing oblique blog entries appears to be one of them.

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