Don’t judge a book owner by his book covers

Or: The demi-god prowess in the Luftwaffe.

One of the most recent additions to my library is up there amongst the strangest. It is also one of the most coveted and while I have not had to look very hard for it, I have had to wait a long time for one to appear in an affordable and clean form.

And now the blog is illegal in Germany and Israel. Oops.

And now the blog is illegal in Germany and Israel. Oops.

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[Re-blogged] Beating Plowshares Into Boars

This is the sort of thinking I like to see with this material. Thank you Mr Tobler for thinking about Lechüchner as a writer with an audiance, not just a swordsman.

The Freelancer

by Christian ToblerImage

Alphabet - At the Pennsic War event this year, I taught a suite of four classes treating the use of the German longsword, dagger, sword and buckler, and, finally – messer. During that final class, someone asked me why the cleric/fencing author Johannes Lecküchner, in his mammoth treatise on the messer, had at once repeated so much of his predecessor Liechtenauer’s verse for the longsword, but had changed the names of most of the signature strokes with the sword, and for all of the guards.

“Perhaps he [Lecküchner] wanted it clear that the techniques varied a bit when performed with the messer and so named them differently”, I answered with little conviction.

I’ve given that stock answer for several years now, with progressively less confidence each time. After all, there’s a major flaw with that reasoning: the messer version of the Zornhau (Wrath Stroke) is done a bit differently…

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My pen!

The blog has been very quiet lately. I can’t say this is because I am too busy with other, more vital, writing. I should be, but I am not. I just haven’t been disciplined about regular writing. I have gotten two out of eight essays edited for the forthcoming conference proceedings of which I am the nominal editor. I am still waiting on five of those eight, but it’s better than nothing. I am also about half way through the revision of that reject from May. That isn’t going very smoothly, mostly because I now, officially, hate every little line in it. Ah well.

But soft, what is this? A pen? Indeed!



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