The many deaths of John Grene, Gentleman.

King’s bench records are full of oddities and light on details. I have no idea if the very thorough killing of John Grene, in July 1457 will lead to anything useful for my thesis but it has some promise. If only I could explain why he keeps showing up with new murderers, that would be great.

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When I call your name, say ‘here’ or raise your hand…

As of today I have 103 registered followers of the blog and while that is no indication of actual readership, the follower population has fascinated me since I started this thing. There are a few followers in the list (as in 2) who I actually know and read regularly. I have a few reciprocal follows, as with Bibliodeviancy. I have other followers who I know read the blog (via readers that don’t record visits I think, or some-such) because they regularly appear in my ‘like’ notifications (Christian Mihal, who spends an awful lot of time reading WordPress blogs). But these are the greater minority. The list is dominated by a huge swath of strangers or perhaps gestalt entities that follow blogs based on keywords, looking for traffic.

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Summer Summary

Now is the stage in the student’s progress where he or she records all that one hoped to do over a break, and in doing, reflect with growing bitterness, on failures that outnumber successes. That’s melodramatic by design because I have set myself up for this sort of disappointment from the start, and I suspect most students in my place do the same.

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Secret Handshake

Apropos of nothing, I find myself in need of an academic literary agent. I got it in my head that Penguin Classics should include some 15th and 16th century English texts in their backlist (Hoccleve’s Regiment of Princes, or the Great Chronicle of London, for example) but I am tightly locked out in the cold because they do not take ‘unsolicited’ proposals which means they do take unsolicited proposals, just not from the unwashed public. One must convince additional intermediaries to take on your project and hand it over to the relevant people in the corporation. I suspect the best strategy here is to find someone I feel comfortable approaching, and who has successfully published in the series, and see if they will pass me on to their agent. I don’t, at the moment, know anyone who fits that profile.

Not that I actually need more work at the moment, but this is an idea that could go somewhere and it’s best to start early, than not at all.