When I call your name, say ‘here’ or raise your hand…

As of today I have 103 registered followers of the blog and while that is no indication of actual readership, the follower population has fascinated me since I started this thing. There are a few followers in the list (as in 2) who I actually know and read regularly. I have a few reciprocal follows, as with Bibliodeviancy. I have other followers who I know read the blog (via readers that don’t record visits I think, or some-such) because they regularly appear in my ‘like’ notifications (Christian Mihal, who spends an awful lot of time reading WordPress blogs). But these are the greater minority. The list is dominated by a huge swath of strangers or perhaps gestalt entities that follow blogs based on keywords, looking for traffic.

Cases in point (and by linking them I am giving them some traffic, but if human eyes monitor their notifications, they may actually tell me what they are doing): What, pray tell, does MarriaceCoach1 have to do with my blog? I would like to ask the same of Adoptingjames (who has 5900 followers).

There are a few authors following the blog, probably because of the ‘books’ and ‘writing’ tag. I like the idea that authors are reading the blog but, in the case of Rick Mallery, Chris Martin, Thelma Cunningham, and probably another 20-30 writers, poets, journalists, and self-help gurus, their only interest is to get visitors and to promote their work. That they are just following blogs with similar tags is obvious considering the incongruity between their content and mine.

The photographers and artists are harder to explain. Sergey Nespeshny seems like a perfectly talented young man but he isn’t exactly ‘following’ my blog. Neither, I am sure, are aimsphotos, or (from amongst the more blatently commercial pages) Reaching Utopia and recoveryhealth (tm!).

Of course, I may be wrong but there is no way to tell from the traffic.

So, taking some advice from the blogscape, I will end this entry with a question: Are you reading this blog, and why? (Since that’s well below the cut, this will only reach people who are, in fact, reading the blog or those who followed the ling-back and then read this far).


2 thoughts on “When I call your name, say ‘here’ or raise your hand…

  1. Yes! If sporadically. I have also held off on trying to figure out who you are but presumably we have shared a seminar room at some point. I read because you write clearly and interestingly about problems academic and non-academic and make me feel less over-committed with your to-do lists. Please keep doing so!

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