Tiny Bookcase

This bookcase is too tiny! How am I going to finish my DPhil with such a tiny bookcase? If I am not careful, I could be trapped in the tiny bookcase, because it is so tiny.


It's so tiny and wee, that I think the pixies made it.

It’s so tiny and wee, that I think the pixies made it.

This is only one of the many irritations I have with my new Oxford environment and I will not recount them all here. They would appear, to most readers, as very superficial and insignificant. But, keep in mind two important things 1- I am a 39 year-old, married, male, home owning, introvert and that sort of person has a very well defined knowledge of what works and does not work for them and 2- My particular cognitive assembly does best in long-term, stable, and familiar surroundings through routine. Disruption, novelty, and noise, things that would easily go unnoticed by many, stand out to me like vast, awkward… standing-out-awkwardly-things. See! It messes with the brains!

And, I hate sharing a bathroom with strangers.

But this bookcase. What the hell! I have about 5 times more books and binders than this thing can hold and I am not exactly in a position to go and buy (late alone transport) furniture here. Unless things change (and I intend to change them, if possible) I will be working out of boxes for the entire academic year.



6 thoughts on “Tiny Bookcase

  1. I suggest working up something on departmental letterhead with an impressive signature that gives you power of bookcase expropriation of all others in the building. Alternatively, keep an eye on the drunker fellow residents; someone passed out in a ditch has little use for either room keys or book shelves, right?

    • The risk is that this will work all too well and before I know it, official correspondance requesting the temporary loan of my clavicals will appear in my pigeon hole along with a new college branded steam organ, parked outside, and played constantly between vespers and lauds.

  2. Yup. I remember this feeling! Posting a ‘wanted’ notice in your MCR and/or college married flats might be a good idea. Or indeed anywhere where other 30-somthing married student types used to having their own space and furniture might be lurking. We sold our bookshelf (proper tall one with still-not-enough space) to folks in our building via this method when we moved out.

    • There may be some value in that. However, this college is very thin on the mature and married population. I think there are a grant total of 3 couples flats run by the college and I have no idea who is in them. What I need is fruit crates (if a proper bookcase is out of reach).

      • Oh and better earplugs. 3 other people in this place and each of them lives like they are alone and they don’t care how many times they bang around those pots and doors, and lids, and they are going to do it at 2am if they feel like it.

  3. Start with the college steward, or whoever commands the furnishing of undergraduate rooms in your college. Every term stuff is replaced, removed, junked; if you get your name in there the discarded stuff may be held over for you, and next time college staff are in the area… Worth a try, because as a post-grad you are that little bit more than just a student.

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