Beware of lights at the end of tunnels

… especially if the tunnels have train tracks.

I think I can see the metaphorical train that is my thesis submission, in the distance but it’s hard to tell. I have a ‘terminal’ deadline for submission of 6 October, but I need to have it in well before that. I will see if it is possible to complete what I have by the last day of August. That’s possible. There will be a few back and forth drafts with the supervisor but that shouldn’t take too long. I am simply desperate to finish this.

I will console myself that 1- all doctoral students learn to hate their own work by the time the reach its end (although that sensation need not last forever) 2- There are a few parts of this thesis which, on a good day, sound like my best work (or very near it), and 3- my supervisor, who is always very positive and supportive, but sparing in his use of superlatives, in that typical British way, has called my work so far ‘commanding’ and ‘impressive’ which counts for a great deal.

Anyway, that’s about all I feel like writing here, for the moment. I did want to peak in and confirm my continuing existence in this small corner of the internet.

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