When I call your name, say ‘here’ or raise your hand…

As of today I have 103 registered followers of the blog and while that is no indication of actual readership, the follower population has fascinated me since I started this thing. There are a few followers in the list (as in 2) who I actually know and read regularly. I have a few reciprocal follows, as with Bibliodeviancy. I have other followers who I know read the blog (via readers that don’t record visits I think, or some-such) because they regularly appear in my ‘like’ notifications (Christian Mihal, who spends an awful lot of time reading WordPress blogs). But these are the greater minority. The list is dominated by a huge swath of strangers or perhaps gestalt entities that follow blogs based on keywords, looking for traffic.

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New paint

I have grown weary of the old blog theme. That and the Titan theme appeared to be more popular than I expected. Also, you can’t mess with it very much. Hopefully this new look won’t alienate any readers. But remember, I care, but not enough to change it if you don’t approve.

On Labels

An ME 109 G-10 you say? What’s 6×9? Yeah, not so smart now are you? (photo from Flickr)

A recent entry on a blog I follow has driven me to overcome my natural reluctance to overtly discuss the covert sub-text in some of my entries… the learning disorder (emphasis is added to help readers adopt the suitable narrative voice of a 1950s era monster movie, possibly featuring rampaging radioactive ants or Communists).

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May reports

The workers are in early bustling around the offices and printing out their spreadsheets for the monthly progress meeting. They are perhaps more buoyant than the reports would allow, but tomorrow is casual Friday. When all the forms are collected they will gather in the board room, beneath the slightly surprised portrait of Simonides,* to recount the deeds of the month.

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