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From the 22nd to the  24th of July I traced a 1900 kilometre parallelogram across Western Canada in my car. This was an unavoidable stage of my T4 student visa application.

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In reference to a not very recent discussion on Academia.edu…

Academia.edu is a sort of facebook-for-scholars, but without the game invitations and image macros. The site allows academics to post their credentials, articles, research interests, CVs, and other details in a forum that is far more accessible and amenable to social networking than the institutional pages that some academics get. Most graduate students and independent researchers have no other way of making their presence known on-line outside of these sorts of forums. Some people on the site post questions to the general readership and one of these got me to thinking. That was a while ago, and this entry took rather longer than planned. This is aesthetically appropriate considering the nature of the original question.

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Alfred Hutton’s Entirely Frustrating Catalogue

Alfred Hutton (1839-1910), former Captain of the 1st Kings Dragoon Guards, military reformer, antiquarian, and amateur historian of swordsmanship, gathered a significant personal collection of swords, weapons, and books on martial history, swordsmanship and the development of fencing as a sport. Hutton left a substantial part of this collection Victorian and Albert Museum, London, and his books were integrated into the National Art Library.*
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