silentium est aureum


The inscription, probably a bronze plaque, had been stolen long ago. No-one seemed to remember the name of the occupant, and no-one visited that particular corner of the cemetery any more.
‘Such a shame, to be ignored for so long.’ He sighed painfully.
‘I envy you. We can trade places. I will get so much work done.’

[more fragments from Oxford Noir]

Zeno’s treasure

hole sweet hole

Harris lit his pipe and crossing his arms over his shovel.
”Do you know what they tell treasure hunters, when they can’t find what they are looking for?”
Burkeley leaned against the chapel wall and sipped tea from the flask.
“No”, he said with reservation. “What do they say?”
Harris grinned. “They tell them that the most common reason why treasure hunters fail to find treasure is that they stop digging too soon.”
Burkeley gave him a dower look.
“So they suggest,” Harris continued, “that they just dig deeper.”
“That’s ridiculous,” snapped Burkeley, “if they all did that, they would dig forever.”
Harris laughed. “Exactly!” He gestured with his pipe towards the sack on the lawn, now oozing noticeably.
“Don’t think we can call him treasure.”
“No” said Burkeley. “Trove perhaps.” He screwed the cap back on the flask and picked up his shovel.
“So what do they advize diggers such as us, Mr. Harris?”
“A foot deeper than the irises, I think.”
“Yes,” said Burkeley, “that should avoid any accidents.”
(fragments from Oxford Noir)

The Library of Dis

history of violence

He grew more uncomfortable the more he scanned the don’s shelves. It wasn’t the choice of reading material that upset him, it was the unorthodox method of arrangement.
His inner-librarian couldn’t make sense of it, but neither could the inner-academic. The inner-psychologist was keeping his thoughts to himself. (fragments from Oxford Noir)

Snow day

I have started about half a dozen blog entries this week but inertia or more urgent demands on my time make me unable or unwilling to force any one of them to completion. That does nothing for the writing habits so I am going to start and finish this one, even if it’s very short and mostly meta.

But it has nice pictures of snow. Continue reading