When I call your name, say ‘here’ or raise your hand…

As of today I have 103 registered followers of the blog and while that is no indication of actual readership, the follower population has fascinated me since I started this thing. There are a few followers in the list (as in 2) who I actually know and read regularly. I have a few reciprocal follows, as with Bibliodeviancy. I have other followers who I know read the blog (via readers that don’t record visits I think, or some-such) because they regularly appear in my ‘like’ notifications (Christian Mihal, who spends an awful lot of time reading WordPress blogs). But these are the greater minority. The list is dominated by a huge swath of strangers or perhaps gestalt entities that follow blogs based on keywords, looking for traffic.

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Fragmentary and Fragile: Lances and History

Now that I am back home, safe in the dry company of my little library, I am in a position to attempt an answer to a question posed by a reader back on 2 November. That question involved the assertion that the lances of late Renaissance tournaments were peculiarly fragile—as in ‘deliberately’ fragile.

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