August Review

Things are beginning to deteriorate here at PBS as the Oxford trip approaches. I’m getting sick of answering the question ‘are you excited?’ with politeness. No, I can’t say I’m excited. Teens with few responsibilities and overly optimistic imaginations have the luxury of excitement. I have something that lacks a proper name but has a vague similarity to anxiety and nausea but with a slightly less negative tone. Oh, and I feel really poor right now.

With that, here is the August review.

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On Labels

An ME 109 G-10 you say? What’s 6×9? Yeah, not so smart now are you? (photo from Flickr)

A recent entry on a blog I follow has driven me to overcome my natural reluctance to overtly discuss the covert sub-text in some of my entries… the learning disorder (emphasis is added to help readers adopt the suitable narrative voice of a 1950s era monster movie, possibly featuring rampaging radioactive ants or Communists).

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Collegium scholarīorum oblīvīum

If I have erred in my Latin rendering, please correct me, but be gentle. I have chosen the easy route in using the feminine noun that works for ‘forgotten’ instead of the strange verb that would be converted, through some mystical alchemy, into a perfect passive participle. So instead, we have this little construction that I hope means “the college of forgotten scholars.”

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