Home town


What looks like an etch-a-sketch screen is actually my home town, in all its austere winter glory, as seen from very high-up. I feel like I’m looking at a schematic of my memory, considering how easily these shapes relate to innumerable bits of knowledge.

And as a note on scale, the grid pattern is based on the Dominion Land Survey system, so the small rectangular blocks, the smallest divisions in the picture, are quarter sections split north-south. A complete section, is roughly 1.6 km a side. Counting off the quarter sections along the bottom of the city, as it runs along Hwy #1, it measures about 8 km across. But I’m no good at math so who knows.

Breakable swords and tournament scores


I am working on something more substantial for PBS readers at the moment, but I just read something that required some thought, and thought ran to writing and here we are. I’ll take advantage of the aside function in the blog for this one to indicate its ‘superficial’ nature.

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How am I supposed to find this?


I like to think that my ear is rather close to the rails when it comes to current scholarship and publishing on martial literature and violence. But, leave it to a routine Amazon.co.uk search to show me this little bit of (potential) gold:

Sydney Anglo, L’escrime, La danse et l’art de la guerre: Le livre et la représentation du mouvement (Paris: BNF, 2011).

Not only is this a very recent work from the most influential writer on martial literature since Hutton and Aylward, its title is frighteningly close to the working title I have used for my MA thesis-to-book project.

I guess I have some digging to do around the internets for an affordable copy. Glad I have a functional reading ability in French.

In sight of shore…


By monday I should have some time to write something worth reading here, of the update variety. Oxford is seriously pushing my limits for sensory overload and information management. All things considered, there is only one potentially crippling problem that is at least 3-6 months deferred. As expected, it has nothing to do with the work I will do or the expectations of the programme (all safely within my abilities). This problem is entirely the fault of an outdated UK mental health system and their apparent indifference to certain types of learning disorders, managed in adults, with medication they apparently find morally repugnant. That’s at least, my reading at the moment (coloured as it is with the scarlet mysts of educational fury).