March review

While I am determined to maintain the habit of the monthly review, I can’t say I take much pride in the contents of this one. Naturally, I have only myself to blame for both the results, and my own disappointment. Judge all you want, I’m not particularly concerned about the course of public opinion. And, if that obviously defensive introduction does not deter you, read on for the month of March.

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A short update for posterity. I have failed to get the best possible funding package for Oxford but I have gotten the next best thing. As long as the College is happy with the paperwork and the other sources of funds I am in for 2012 entry.

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And, yet again, I’m writing about myself

Without going into inappropriate detail, events have conspired such that I am called upon to write a 500 word summary of my recent MA work and ‘other accomplishments’ during the course. I’m happy to write about the thesis, I have plenty of practice, and I’m rather proud of it. I am less enthusiastic about the rest.

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